(a) The Palestinian side would provide the Israeli side with a list of its police officers in accordance with previous agreements. (b) If the Palestinian side requests technical assistance, the United States has expressed its willingness to contribute to meeting those needs in cooperation with other donors. (c) The Monitoring and Steering Committee shall, as part of its tasks, monitor the implementation of this provision and issue instructions to the United States. The two sides would immediately and expeditiously resume permanent status negotiations and make determined efforts to achieve the common goal of an agreement by 4 May 1999. Both parties recognise that it is in their vital interest to combat terrorism and violence in accordance with Annex I to the Interim Agreement and the memorandum. They also recognize that the fight against terrorism and violence must be comprehensive, as it concerns terrorists, the support structure for terrorism and the enabling environment for supporting terrorism. It must be continuous and constant in the long term, because there must be no break in the work against terrorists and their structure. It must be cooperative, because no effort can be fully effective without Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and the continuous exchange of information, concepts and actions. Israel can no longer ignore the Palestinians` disdoneer respect, but will also reject peace agreements that are no longer signed. The only choice for Israel is to say yes to peace, but to insist on mutual peace – these have been the agreed guidelines of the Oslo process since 1997: that is, israel will move forward if the Palestinians also fulfil their obligations. (a) The Palestinian side would ensure that an effective legal framework is in place to criminalize any import, manufacture or sale, acquisition or possession without license of firearms, ammunition or weapons in the territories under Palestinian jurisdiction, in accordance with previous arrangements. (b) In addition, the Palestinian side would vigorously and continuously establish and implement a systematic programme for the collection and proper treatment of all such illegal items, in accordance with previous agreements. The United States has agreed to assist in the implementation of the program.

(c) A United Mexican-Palestinian-Israeli committee would be established to support and strengthen cooperation in the prevention of smuggling or other unauthorized importation of weapons or explosive materials into areas of Palestinian jurisdiction. The Wye deal was generally popular in Israel, with 74 percent of Israelis supporting the deal, according to polls in early November. [8] Prime Minister Netanyahu, however, felt resistance within his Likud party and delayed a vote on cabinet approval while seeking public assurances from the Clinton administration on Wye`s implementation. .