According to Siemens Energy, the project aims to provide reliable power throughout Kuwait, maintaining gas stations to increase reliability and safety, while providing electricity to residential and commercial sectors. Siemens has been awarded a 25-year long-term service contract for the Umm Al Houl combined cycle power plant project in Qatar. The prime contractor is Umm Al Houl Power Q.S.C., a partnership between Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QWEC), Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar Foundation (QF) and K1 Energy (a joint venture of Mitsubishi Corporation and TEPCO Fuel- Power, Intedcorpora). The service agreement includes six SGT5-4000F gas turbines, four SST5-4000 steam turbines and 10 SGen5-1200A generators, including instrumentation and control service for a period of 25 years. It also provides for the location of an electrical engineer and a local engineer. After an in-depth analysis of your business, we will work with you to develop a solution tailored to your business needs. It sets the timetable, scale and cost of the services to be provided and provides special allowances for emergency services. Qatar`s second-largest energy power order in the past six months Underscoring the growing confidence of its customers in the valuable benefits Siemens Energy can offer through its flexible, longer-term wind service agreements, the company has secured 10-year wind service agreements that include more than 400 onshore wind turbines in the United States. Canada and Puerto Rico.

The client is Pattern Energy Group Inc. based in San Francisco. Together, the scope of these long-term contracts is one of Siemens` largest single-customer contracts in North America. “This agreement builds on our strong legacy of successful projects in Kuwait,” said Herbert Klausner, Managing Director of Siemens Energy Kuwait. The long-term service contract aims to improve the operational capacity, flexibility and profitability of the Um Al-Houl plant by improving efficiency, reliability and availability throughout the lifecycle. The agreement enables the implementation of innovative service solutions through preventive maintenance, reduced delivery times and external technical assistance on site. Current operating projects included in the new service contracts are Pattern Energy`s St. Joseph Wind project in southern Manitoba (138 MW); Spring Valley Wind in Eastern Nevada (152 MW); Wind from Ocotillo in Southern California with (265 MW); Hatchet Ridge Wind in Northern California (101 MW); and Santa Isabel in Puerto Rico (101 MW). These projects will also receive a large number of modernization and upgrade components that represent the latest technological advances, such as Siemens` Power Curve upgrade.B, a combination of complementary components designed to improve the aerodynamic performance of installed turbines. “Qatar is experiencing rapid growth in industry, economy and population,” said Tim Holt, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Services, Power and Gas. “Supported by our experienced technical experts, strong presence in the region, and in close collaboration with our customers, advanced services and maintenance solutions will help ensure that this new plant still operates reliably for many years to come.” Siemens has signed a long-term maintenance and maintenance contract for a gas-fired power plant in Panama with independent electricity producer Shanghai Gorgeous Group, through its subsidiary Sinolam Smarter Energy (SSE).